Quality is more than appearance

We are a boutique custom home building company and use Pac Trim shiplap in all of our projects! The material is top-quality, it is easy to install, paint goes on smoothly, and their customer service is phenomenal. We will continue to use Pac Trim products in all of our projects and would highly recommend them!

Tiffany and Matt Gowler, Custom Home Builders

Wow, What a pleasure it was to work with such a well engineered product. It cuts like wood, does not peel or flake when working the ends, and most importantly, it really goes together well. This is at the top of my preferred product list.

Bill Alwin, Homeowner

We’ve been distributing PacTrim materials for over 10 years. The material is of the highest quality and our customers love working with it.

Regal Building Materials Ltd.

After seeing Pac Trim displayed beautifully in a model home I knew I needed this product in our house! I contacted Pac Trim and they were so gracious and helpful in answering all my questions about their crown molding and Shiplap. I couldn’t be happier with the product and the end result is gorgeous!!! Thank you Pac Trim for all of your help!!!

Jennifer Jenkins, Homeowner

We are a supplier of mouldings in British Columbia and stock many diverse profiles from PACTRIM; they are professional, responsive and quality conscious. I highly recommend them.

Ian Stewart, Supplier

Pactrim is a leader in providing exclusive products at fair prices. As owner of Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry, I am proud to have considered Pactrim as a valued partner for over 20 years. I only foresee this partnership growing within the years to come, as Pactrim provides both value and integrity to every Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry design. Their innovation and top quality paint moldings have raised the bar within the industry, making them an essential component to every project.

Shawn Tiltgen, Scott Arthur Millwork & Cabinetry Ltd.

Pac Trim products are the best! We use their Trim, casing, shiplap (nickel slot), and crown in all of our homes. The finish quality is outstanding.

Mary Hatcliff, Hatcliff Construction in Murfreesboro, TN

I like Pac Trim because it is a high quality, American made product, that you can sell with pride. I have less call backs than any other MDF product we have ever carried. Their primed finish is smooth and superb to other products. Not having problems with blow outs from gun nails helps to have happy customers.

Tommy Hale, Haynes Brothers Lumber in Murfreesboro, TN

I just completed the installation of the 5 1/2 “ Single Nickel board. The product goes up smoothly and I was extremely impressed with the consistency of the material board to board. After leveling the first piece at the bottom on an 11’ wall, with a 9’ ceiling height, I didn’t have to make level adjustments on any row. Level was accurate at the 9’ level.

Tim Wulbern, Finish Carpenter in Loomis, CA

Pac Trim makes a great product but what sets them apart is the service. They stand by their product. The few times where we have had a issue with product from Pac Trim they were quick to respond. They came to our facility within a few days and discovered the root cause and then offered to replace the product immediately

J Burgess, Heritage One Door in Sacramento, CA