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T&G Installation

The Pioneer Series can be applied directly to studs or over sheet rock

(Please check local building and fire codes to ensure requirements are met when applying directly to the studs)

General Instructions

  1. Let Pac Trim® acclimate before installation. Pac Trim®, like all wood products should be conditioned to an indoor environment 48 hours before installation. Upon delivery, stack Pac Trim® on runners or 2x4’s above and off of the garage floor and protect from outdoor elements.
  2. If applying to sheet rock, mark stud location for nailing or you can apply with construction adhesive (i.e. liquid nails, PL or Loctite) running beads using 16” spacing.
  3. Applying directly to studs use 15 gauge or higher brad nails.
  4. Properly setting the first piece will ensure a uniform application and the desired result. Measure from the ceiling down to the top edge of the board in several places to ensure proper alignment before nailing.
  5. Because this is an interior product and not subject to moisture, setting the first piece with the groove up will allow nailing into the groove and eliminate the need for filling and repairing nail holes.
  6. In runs longer than 16’, stagger the second row so end joints do not line up.
  7. If applying vertically, add furring strips to the studs every 24”, again, nailing in the groove edge closest to the furring strip will eliminate the need to repair nail holes in the face.
  8. If face nailing is required, filling the holes with painter’s putty or a light spackle will reduce nail holes from showing up in the finished wall.

Note: Like all wood products, MDF absorbs and desorbs moisture with changes in relative humidity. The normal range of interior humidity is 40 to 80%. The industry standard for maximum expansion and contraction of MDF due to changes in relative humidity from 40 percent to 85 percent is .3 percent. Thus, some expansion and contraction of MDF mouldings should be expected.