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Contact Pac Trim Sales Representative Ken Goodnough, kgoodnough@pactrim.com or our Corporate Office at 1-(800) 472-2874, for a distributor near you.

All profiles available including Shiplap and Nickel Gap



MDF Boards & Shiplap

.591 inch thickness in 8 foot and 12 foot lengths
(Available in select stores)

.591 x 6" x 8 foot available in select stores

.591 x 6" x 12 foot available in select stores

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Sacramento/Northern CA/ Nevada
1-916-561-2860  Roger Davis

Blackpoint/Novato/ Bay Area
1-415-898-6366 Ed Schurr

Southern CA/Arizona/Nevada
1-909-635-1560  Valerie Griffin

10-pack (Online only)
.375 x 6” x 8 foot lengths