Quality is more than appearance

Pacific MDF Products, Pac Trim® Primed MDF Mouldings and boards are all made from premium grade EPA TSCA TITLE VI Compliant MDF board designed specifically to make MDF Mouldings and boards. These are currently purchased from North American MDF and LDF producers.

We purchase material from Flakeboard Arauco mills in Eugene, OR and Malvern, AR (http://www.trupan-na.com/documents) and also from Del-Tin Fiber (www.deltinfiber.com/solidiumIntro.html).

Between these sources of MDF Products we are able to supply the market with products ranging in size from 9mm thick (nominal 3/8 inches) up to 30 mm or 1 1/4 inches thick and boards in lengths from 6 feet long up to 17 feet long.  (Note: some thicknesses are only available in certain lengths)

As well they provide us with the ability to supply NAF board products to meet Green Building and LEED specifications and all products are certified.

Moisture Resistant (MR) for window stool and window and window jamb liners, as well as Fire Retardant products are also available.

For more detailed information on our board suppliers please visit their webpages.